Google Analytics – Statistics are a must for anyone with a blog or website!

Part of affiliate marketing is knowing who your users are. If you own a website or a blog or any content online I bet you’d want to know who’s viewing it, from where, when, with what browser, and on what platform.

There’s an easy and FREE way to getting that information, and that is by using Google Analytics. Google analytics gives you detailed statistics of the users browsing your site and reports that information with graphs, charts, detailed lists and awesome stats. There’s so much you can do with Google Analytics that there are tons of books written to try and expose all its functionality. Once again this is all free. It’s the best free tool around and is a must for any website or blog owner. You can sign up here. It is a free tool, it will never cost you a penny. Use it!

Here’s a few good tips once you start getting used to the tool, 8 Stupid Things Webmasters do to Mess Up Their Analytics.

If you have any questions on signing up or using analytics leave a comment and I’ll help you out.

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